Metrodora Coordinated Care Program

We are committed to providing you with high quality healthcare, and to ensure we can continue delivering the service that you deserve, we are introducing a coordinated care program. We have found that delivering the care that our patients need is not possible with the constraints that insurance places on visit length and collaboration. Many clinics treating patients with complex multisystem disorders operate exclusively on self-pay models because of these factors. We understand that complex conditions require thoughtful solutions, collaboration, and time. This program is specifically designed for individuals seeking collaborative care to manage complex, chronic, multisystem disorders.

What this means for you:

• Access to Patient Navigators, during regular business hours, for coordination of your journey
• Dedicated time for your care team to collaborate
• Access to Metrodora’s research program and clinical trials
• Access to Metrodora eConnect (coming soon)

To make the program accessible and flexible, we’re offering two payment options:
• Pay over time, with 3 and 6-month payment plans with a $500 down payment.
• Pay upfront and receive a 20% discount.

The coordinated care program fee is not reimbursable, but may be a covered expense under your FSA or HSA. This program fee is essential to support services that go beyond insurance coverage, ensuring you receive the comprehensive care that sets Metrodora apart. It’s important to note that while this program doesn’t include concierge access to physicians, it opens the door to an enhanced care experience that puts your unique needs first.

Coordinated Care Program $2,200

Direct Access to a Patient Navigator:

• Enjoy direct access to a dedicated Patient Navigator via phone or messaging during regular business hours.
• Your Patient Navigator will assist with scheduling your initial visits, preparing for your follow-up appointments, they’ll share important updates from your care team and be your consistent point of contact at Metrodora Institute to help navigate your care.

Coordinated Care:

• Benefit from team meetings where the care team collaborates to discuss and coordinate our patients’ plan of care and treatment.
• Real-time adjustments to your care, by our providers.
• Detailed discussions on your progress, symptoms, and results, ensuring thoughtful and timely changes to your care.
• Your Patient Navigator will keep you informed with updates on your plan of care.

Discounted Rates:

• Take advantage of discounted rates on appointments, services and procedures not covered by your insurance.

Access to Community Classes and Events:

• Access and discounts on community classes designed for individuals with neuroimmune axis disorders.
• Engage in community events, vitamin infusions, and more (with ongoing offerings to be expanded).

Pricing and Insurance:

Regence BCBS
• Preferred Value Care
• Blue Option
• Participating

• Federal Medicare Part B
• Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Replacement Plans

Multiplan Benefit for Out of Network Coverage
• If you are unsure if you have a Multiplan Benefit, please reach out to either your plan to confirm that you do, or if your plan is through an employer reach out to your HR.
• Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Replacement Plans

The following logo on either the front or back of your card:

If you are traveling from outside of Utah, please confirm with your plan that you have out of state benefits. Not all plans have coverage outside of the state that you reside in for “non-emergency” coverage.

Pricing: **Self-Pay Program Pricing
New Patient Visit $1,064 $638
Return Patient Visit $866 $520
Prolonged Services $167 per 15 min. interval Included
Upper Endoscopy $3,714 $1,656
Diagnostic Colonoscopy with Biopsy $2,740 $2,229
New Patient Visit with Therapy $245 $245
Return Patient Visit with Therapy $175 $175
Dry Needling $65 $65
New Patient Visit with Dietitian $107 $107
Return Patient Visit with Dietitian $93 $93
Autonomic Testing $1,319 $792
Infusion (Hydration) $154 $94

*Cost of medication infusions will be determined based off drug.
**All prices are estimated for your convenience and are subject to change, please reference your Good Faith Estimate for a more detailed estimation of your healthcare costs.


Additional Services

Writing letters to providers, schools, work, camp, etc. more than 7 days after a clinic visit will be billed at a rate of:
• $100/for the first 30 minutes and $50/each additional 15 minutes

Coordinating Care Outside of Metrodora:

• We realize that our providers may need to speak with your care team at home, and they are available to discuss the care you received at Metrodora and coordinate with your local team so that you can continue with your plan of care at home. Insurance does not allow us to bill for these extended services, that are beyond a “peer-to-peer” visit with your doctor.
• Coordinating care with providers out of our network is not included in our coordinated care program.